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Corporate philosophy

Mission Statement

We shall strive to contribute to the happiness of employees, the global environment and society by proposing environmentally – conscious, safe and secure products which customers expect and can use to their benefit, in order to raise customer satisfaction and make us unique and internationally competitive in the field of electrical and erectronic components for cars, construction and transportation machinery, etc., which continues to change and evolve.

Principles of Management

~Everything starts with connection between people~

Behavioral Criteria

In order for us to carry out a constant pursuit of “innovation” and realize our mission as a “profit-making enterprise”, the Asahi Corporation adheres to the following principles:

1. A continual effort to come up with ideas based upon the perspectives of our customers.
2. The importance of each and every employee carring out his/her job activities with responsibility and pride.
3. A constant awareness that the quality of our own work determines the quality of work in the next process.
4. A firm belief among all employees that “things that need to be done can be done”.
5. Devising good, original proposals and putting them into action.
6. A continual effort to promote “automation” in manufacturing.

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