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Product quality improvement activities

Quality is vital in managing
our business activities.

We should be all committed to achieving ZERO delivery defect ratio by  “keeping potential problems from occurring and preventing possible outflow of any problem.”

Prevention of quality problems

  • Reducing turnaround time for launching a new model
  • Extracting and eliminating potential problems involved in new design and also any modifications and changes

Outline of activities

Keeping potential problems from occurring by exactly implementing the verification rules

  • Improvement in the DR (Design Review) system
  • Design FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)
  • Verification of modifications and changes
  • Verification of trouble in the past
  • Verification of components after disassembling
  • Troubleshooting Promotion Matrix (event verification)
  • Early-stage instability control
  • QRQC (Quick Response Quality Control) activities



Preventing possible outflow of quality problems

  • Eliminating any quality defects delivered to customers
  • Preventing possible outflow of quality problems based on the review of visual and sensory inspection tasks

Outline of activities

Extracting visual and sensory inspection tasks

  • Quantifying quality for visual evaluation
  • Applying hardware for the inspection tasks to review for any irrationality, waste, and inconsistency (Realizing the originality and ingenuity into hardware)

Implementing automatic insertion, soldering and pattern improvement activities

  • Prevention activities of outflow by combining AOI, ICT and FCT


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